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Andrea helped me push past my comfort zone and TRI something new!" Lindsey


"If I had to sum up this program in one word: Awareness.

Many of us struggle with issues such as weight for years but can’t find the solution that makes permanent change possible. Once you begin to understand that changing our brain (thinking and feeling) is the key, you can then begin to be successful with the positive changes you want to make. As I progressed through the various modules my thinking began to change and I became more aware of what my body was saying. I also became aware of the roadblocks I had been putting up that got in the way of permanent success.

Andrea is very outgoing and positive in her outlook and she shares her path to where she is now. Like everyone, she has had her share of battles, but has demonstrated to herself that success is achievable. She is professional, a very good listener and an excellent life coach.

If you are struggling with what to do about a career change, weight struggles, interpersonal problems or other issues this program can help you sort things out and head into a positive future."

- Linda

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"Andrea provided mentorship to me in the context of a work relationship.  The support and guidance she provided to me has been invaluable and her advice still carries through to today.

Andrea is one-of-a-kind.  She can “read” people in a way that puts me in Awe.  I call this her Superpower.  With this ability, she was able to provide valuable insights about what makes me “tick”, which I was not even aware of.  Her advice helped me navigate some difficult and stressful work situations.

Andrea is also extremely personable, compassionate and giving.  I’m naturally introverted, however I felt like I was talking to my best friend within five minutes of meeting Andrea. As I got to know her better, I found that she always put others first, even when she had a thousand things on her plate.

I feel extremely lucky to have met Andrea.  I cannot thank her enough for the support and encouragement she provided me.  It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I will forever be grateful for her the guidance and insight."

- Deevia


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