What is a Health Coach?

Health coaching is about so much more than food.  It’s about habit change.  Most people already know what to do to be healthier, the problem is they aren’t doing it.

A health coach should be a master of habit change.  Healthy habits create healthy results, and the most effective coaches help people make naturally better choices for themselves.  They help you to make small changes, little by little, at your pace to help you meet your health goals.  There is something that will work for you - the trick is finding it.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your energy or just get healthy, health coaches take time to listen to you, help you discover where you are and why and find out exactly what works for your body.  Everyone is unique.  That’s why no diet works for everyone (or only works for a small amount of time!).  There is no one diet fits all.  A health coach helps you find what will work for you, and help you to change your diet and lifestyle so that you can get health and stay healthy.

When you change your habits, you change your life.

Stay tuned next Monday for our blog “Are you running from a lion?” to find out how your thinking affects your weight and health!

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