Are You Running From A Lion?

Did you know that just thinking something can create a reaction in your body? Your body will react to your thoughts as though they are real live events.  Crazy right!

Let me show you how this works. 

I want you to picture a lion in your mind … Got the mental picture?

Do you see his teeth bared?

Now imagine this lion is turning his head towards you

This lion has just decided that you are his next meal.

And he’s HUNGRY!!

He slowly turns his whole body towards you.

He now slowly starts to walk towards you and then starts to run!

How does your body feel just thinking that the lion is running towards you?

Did your heart rate increase?

Did your breathing change?

Did your muscles tighten?

Did your blood pressure rise?

Your body created a physical response just by thinking about something.

Here’s the thing:

All these things your body is feeling… This is what happens in the body when you are under stress.  Now here’s the interesting thing about your brain and stress:  Your brain can’t differentiate between real or imagined stress.

So what does that mean…

Your brain is not able tell the difference between the stress of running from a REAL lion and the stress of everyday life. When you are under stress, your brain and in turn your body think you are LITERALLY running from a lion!  So what happens in the body when it thinks that you are running from a lion?  Here’s the most important thing that happens for you and your weight loss… digestion turns OFF.

Yes that’s right OFF

When your body thinks it is running from a lion all the blood flow that normally goes into digestion is moved to your legs and arms so you can run FAST to get away from the lion!

Have you ever had that experience where you have a nice healthy salad and yet it feels like a lump in your tummy? Whatever meal it is you have, if you are under stress when you eat it your body will NOT digest the food.  It will sit there and then get converted to fat and get stored around the midsection.

You can eat the healthiest meals in the world but if you are under stress whenever you eat YOU WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off.

The mind is such a powerful thing.  Just like you can create stress in the body you can also UNTHINK stress with a quick an easy breathing exercise.  This is my favorite thing to do before I eat every meal as it shuts down the stress response (and turns on digestion!).

Quick Tip To Turn On Digestion Anytime, Anywhere

Here’s what you do:

Inhale for 5 counts

Hold for 5 counts

Exhale for 5 counts

In under 2 minutes you can trick your brain (and your body) into believing you are relaxed and not under stress.  When you are in a relaxed state your body will digest the food the way it is supposed to! This is one small way to help you to lose weight and keep it off for good. 

When you change your thinking…. you change your life!