Live the story you want to tell!

this is me

Hi, my name is Andrea Jones.

Most people know me as a former senior compliance officer of a multi-billion dollar corporation.  I worked in highly stressful environments, helping people to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  In fact I was known as the go-to person to solve problems and to help train new people in the business.

Because underneath it all, I’m extraordinarily good at getting to the root of any situation quickly and finding a solution. 

My superpower has always been being able to read people and situations and finding the best way forward.


My story goes back a long way because throughout my life I’ve learned that challenges can be positive and are often the path to success.  When I came up against something that challenged me I worked hard to overcome it and be successful. 

In high school when I didn’t make the school basketball team, I approached the coach and asked if I could practice with the team so that I could be on the team the following year.  Mid way through the season I was not only on the team but first string.  In university I found courses that I really struggled with and intentionally took them to challenge myself and my thinking. 

In the corporate world, initially I was apologetic for my knowledge and skill and then I became hugely successful and let go of what others thought.

And it’s all because of one word.

That word is commitment

When I show up I am all in.

I’m committed to be successful but in many different ways. Financially sure but family, community, generosity of spirit.  Deep down I’m a deeply spiritual person and I have so much capacity for work, for family, to be active in community and helping others. 

I’m brilliant at what I do.  I’ve had a lot of accomplishments and I’m a lifelong learning and I’m always looking for ways to improve.  And there’s a dark side to each of those.  There are times when I can feel too controlling or the need to be controlling.  There is a secret desire underneath sometimes to be recognized for the impact I’m making. 

That brilliance, capacity and life-long learning has a drawback.

I have been burnt out

I know what it feels like to burn out by saying yes when I really mean no or saying no and then beating myself up for it.  I’m constantly driven by a voice in my head that says what’s next, a sense that there is never enough, that there is always more which can be overwhelming.

Underneath it there is a secret that drives me.

I sometimes feel like I’m an imposter. 

It doesn’t matter the acknowledgements I get out in the world, underneath it all I think I’ll be found out.  Which means sometimes I don’t even recognize where I am great, or I hold back from sharing my knowledge with others.  I doubt myself and I’m a coach and I work with clients that also feel like this. 

You see, most us think that people with arrogance and bravado have it all sorted out and together.  But the truth is you can show that everyone else and be deeply insecure at your core.

I’ve been held back most in my life and my accomplishments by a

secret fear of looking stupid. 

If you are committed to being successful in ways you don’t even yet know, or if you’ve been extraordinarily successful but underneath it have that sense that you’re an imposter and are afraid others will find out, then you and I should have a conversation.